Super Drill

Super drill is a machine tool that is used to make small hole in electric conductive material. Hence it is also called as small hole edm machine. The material is removed from the work-piece by electrical discharge machining technology.

A super drilling machines that utilizes brass electrode.

How Does Super Drill Work?

The super drilling process is similar to ram EDM machine. A copper tube which is the electrode act as the cutting tool.

Similar to other electrode discharge machining process, the electrode when comes close to the workpiece results in an electrical discharge through the dielectric medium. This causes the material to be removed from the work-piece. The most common dielectric medium is DI water or distilled water.

How does Super Drill differ from regular EDM?

The key difference between a super drilling machine and ram EDM machine is the flow of high pressured dielectric through the hole in the center of the electrode tube. This has mainly three functions.

  1. The high pressure flow keeps the weak electrode to stay stiff.
  2. The flow of water around the electrode (between the electrode and the work-piece) arrests the wobbling motion of the electrode. And this keeps it centralized to the hole you are drilling.
  3. It washes away the debris and metal particles resulting from the machining.

Here is a detailed video that explains the super drilling process.

Advantages of Super Drill

The primary advantage of super drill is its ability to drill small holes through hard materials quickly.  It can penetrate through variety of metals from aluminum to hardened steel and carbide.

On conventional drilling machines it is nearly impossible to drill very small holes in hard materials. I am not talking about the cordless drill here; but bench drilling machines. You could use a tungsten carbide cutter on a precision milling machine to drill hard steel. Even if you manage to drill, the drill bit can break as you go more deep.

What is the smallest diameter it can drill?

The super drill can produce hole sizes as small as 0.2mm.

How deep can super drill go?

It depends on the diameter of the electrode. Most small hole EDM machines can drill up to a depth of 200 times of the electrode size. When you need to go more deep you can drill from the opposite side.

Combined this the modern small hole edm machines can go as deep as 500 times the diameter of the electrode.