Carbide End Mills

Tungsten carbide end mills are extensively used in modern machining where it is necessary to machine hard materials like high carbon steels. Carbide end mills have extreme hardness, high wear resistance and good thermal stability. A wide variety of carbide end mills are available in today’s market. As a general classification we can divide carbide end mills into solid carbide end mills and carbide insert cutters.

Solid Carbide End Mills

Carbide end mills fully made out of carbide are solid carbide end mills where the cutting edges as well as the shank is made out of one single piece of carbide. Solid carbide end mills come in different sizes to suit for variety of milling operations. Carbide end mills are suitable for milling pre hardened steels and machining hard materials where ordinary hss end mills can’t be used.

Carbide end mills tend to retain the cutting edges for a longer period of time and has got excellent thermal stability which increases the tool life. But due to its extreme hardness carbide end mills are highly brittle. Hence it is important to choose the right cutting speed and feed to avoid the cutting edges of end mills getting chipped off. Carbide end mills also come with nose profiles like ball nose profile to enable us to do complex profile milling. These type end mills are especially used on cnc milling machines.