Drilling Machines

Drilling machine is a machine tool used for the process of creating holes on work piece. The drilling machines are equipped with rotating spindles on which the cutting tool called drill is mounted. The rotating drill will be fed against the work piece on which the hole need to be created.

Types of Drilling Machines

Depending up on the drilling operations performed and size the drilling machines can be mainly classified into hand drills (power tool), manual drilling machines, automatic feed drilling machines, precision drilling machines and heavy duty drilling machines.

Hand Drilling Machine

This is one of the most commonly used power tools for construction, DIY projects as well as industrial works. Electrician to plumber, carpenters to metal fabricator everyone need one of these to perform their job. Hand drilling machines are normally small in size and are portable. Hand drilling machines are equipped with a drill chuck where smaller sized drills can be held. The hand drilling is mostly performed by holding the power tool normal to the plane where you are making the hole and by forcing the rotating drill into the workpiece.
Make sure that you are holding the hand drilling machine straight and perpendicular to the working surface or else you may break the drill bit and cause damage to the work.

Manual Drilling Machines

These machines are relatively smaller in size with a fixed bed and a column on which the drilling head is mounted. The drill is held in either a drill chuck or a taper sleeve which is mounted on the spindle of the manual drilling machine. The cutting drill is fed against the workpiece by applying pressure manually with the help of feed handle in vertical axis.
Manual drilling machines are best suitable for small drilling works including drilling sensitive drilling jobs where you can feel the drill cutting and penetrating into the workpiece. Below is the picture of a small manual drilling machine.