Carbide Burrs

Carbide burrs are metal cutting tools used for removing material from a metal workpiece. The extreme hardness of carbide makes it possible to use carbide burrs on a variety of material from soft aluminum to hardened steel. Depending upon its application and materials on which they are used, carbide burrs can be classified into coarse cut, standard cut, fine cut, diamond cut, aluminum cut, chipbreaker cut etc.

Carbide burrs come in various sizes and shapes from different manufacturers making it possible to use them for a wide variety of metal cutting operations. The most common way of using a carbide burr maybe by mounting it on air tools. Pneumatic hand grinders with collets are best suitable for this purpose.

Types of Carbide Burrs

Carbide burrs can be classified according their shape and type of cut. Let’s see the various shapes of carbide burrs available in the market today. The most commonly used shapes are cylindrical carbide burrs, cylindrical carbide burrs with cutting teeth at end, ball nose carbide burrs, ball shaped carbide burrs, conical carbide burrs, reverse taper carbide burrs, tree carbide burrs, oval shaped carbide burrs and taper carbide burrs. Each of these unique shapes are designed to remove material from various shaped profiles and surfaces. Carbide burrs can be used in precision hand grinders as well as milling machines.

Cylindrical Carbide Burrs

Cylindrical carbide burrs are one of the simplest and most widely used carbide burrs. Below, you can see the pictures of a cylindrical carbide burr with standard cut and diamond cut.
Second Cut Carbide Burrs
Cylindrical Carbide Burr

Radius and Ballnose Carbide Burrs

These cutters with a nose radius. Because of the shape, they are useful for removing material from curved surfaces. A wide range of carbide burrs are available with nose radius. Cylindrical burrs with nose radius, tree shaped with nose radius and conical burrs with nose radius are commonly used.

Carbide Ball Burrs

As the name indicates, these cutters are in a ball shape. Due to it’s shape, ball burrs can be used to create concave profiles on the workpiece.

Finally, the advantage of carbide burr is it’s ability to cut wide range of material. In conclusion, carbide burr is a useful for removing burr as well as reworking hardened tool steel parts.