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Metal stamping is the process of forming and cutting a sheet metal into the desired shape and size with the help of a stamping die loaded on a stamping press. Sheet metal stamping produces a wide virety of components from simple washers to complicated mechanical parts. Stamping dies can be a simple single stage tool where a component or operation is completed in every stroke of the stamping die or it can be a progressive stamping die where a series of various stamping techniques are performed in different stages to produce complex shaped metal stamping parts.
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Stamping Techniques

Following are the most commonly used stamping techniques used in precision metal stamping industry. Each of these operations in combination with other stamping techniques can produce complex, high precision metal components.

Deep Drawing

Types of Stamping Dies

Depending on the construction of the die, stamping dies can mainly classified into Single Station Dies, Progressive Dies, Compoud Dies, Fine Blanking Dies and Press Breakes.

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